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I would like to start off by showing you a photo I took this morning for a realtor in Aventura, FL. I shot both photographs from EXACTLY the some point. The top one, I took with my iPhone 5. I put it on top of a tripod. After I took the photo with the iPhone 5, I edited the contrast just a little bit – something anyone with the iPhone can do. For the photograph on the bottom, I took with my camera and I did absolutely no editing. Even though both are decent photos. Which do you think will draw more attention? If you said the bottom, that’s what real estate photography is all about! Getting more attention to your listings with better photos. Which in return will increases the chances to sell.

After extensive research and experience in the this line of business I have put together the top 6 reason why you should hire a real estate photographer.

  1. More Attention: A study from Redfin.com found that listing photographed by a real estate photographer received 61% more attention then regular listing in the same area.
  2. You’re not a photographer: You do your job, which is to sell the listing, and let the real estate photographer do his. That gives you more time to land other listings and make more deals.
  3. Helps you land more listing. On every listing presentation you can show your previous listing and how successful they have been. By hiring a real estate photographer this shows your clients that you are going to market their property in the best way!
  4. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin just to name a few. All these sites are great to attract attention to your brand and to your listings. What’s the first thing your audience will see? The photographs!
  5. Higher Sale Amount: A study from the Wall Street Journal revealed that listings photographed by a professional real estate photographer sold from $934 to $116,076 above the average competitor properties. Your client will be very pleased and mostly likely work with you again and refer you to their contacts!!
  6. Numbers don’t lie Studies show that 90% of potential home buyers look online for their next home. 80% say the main factor when deciding between properties was the photographs. 60% wanted to visit the property just because of the photographs

real estate photography6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Let the Journey begin!! Photography Business

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The reason why I decided to start a blog is...
I want to share my journey in the world of photography. Not just about the photos I have taken, but also about the business side of this profession. 
If am doing something that you have done please let me know your results! If you think I am doing something wrong, also let me know.
Lets begin!
My name is Sebastian Osorio and I am a photographer. To be honest, I kind of stumbled into my career as a photographer. I studied graphic design and have always had a passion for photography. I took some courses in college on the subject. A few friends that are real estate agents here in Miami saw some pictures that I had taken and asked me if I would photograph their listings and they would pay me!!! Then their colleagues saw the pictures and hired me to photograph their listings. 
After about 15 listing the first month on my free time, I decided to open my website 
http://www.osorio-photography.com thinking that the world would see my work and it would sell itself. I was wrong! I can’t even find it on Google. 
I posted a few adds on Craigslist which are FREE and got several photo shoots for real estate photography in a matter of 2 weeks. 
Then I posted my work on Thumstack and got a couple of photo shoots too. I also got a lot of possible leads for heads shots, portraits and events. So, guess what? Now I do events, portraits, real estate photography and coming soon I will do weddings!! 
What kind of marketing have you done?
What website have you used to generate good leads?
Until next time. 
Osorio Photography